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Mini-Bike Kits

Azusa offers three Mini-Bike kits, with or without frame and fork.
The kits contain identical components throughout, except for wheels.
 The tire and inner tube sizes match the wheels selected.
Each kit provides everything needed to assemble a complete Mini-Bike
including: Frame, Fork, Upholstered Seat, Wheels, Tires, Tubes,
Controls, Grips, Foot Pegs, Axles, Sprockets, Brakes, Chain and all
the necessary Hardware. All Kits are less Engine and Clutch. Assembly
Guidelines and complete parts list are included.
Mini-Bike Kit with 5" Aluminum Wheels, Part No. 3540
Description Part No.
Mini-Bike Kit with 5" Aluminum Wheels 3540
Mini-Bike Kit with 6" Aluminum Wheels 3541
Mini-Bike Kit with 8" Aluminum Wheels 3542
Mini-Bike Kit, Less Frame, with 6" Aluminum Wheels, Part No. 3541-LF
Description Part No.
Mini-Bike Kit, Less Frame & Fork, 5" Aluminum Wheels 3540-LF
Mini-Bike Kit, Less Frame & Fork, 6" Aluminum Wheels 3541-LF
Mini-Bike Kit, Less Frame & Fork, 8" Aluminum Wheels 3542-LF

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