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Steel “B” Type Sprocket Hub

Plated Steel Hubs are 1/2" thick, have a 2-1/4" OD and a 1" OD
 shoulder. Two bore sizes are available: 5/8" or 3/4", with a 3/16"
keyway and opposed set screw hole. Both have a 3-hole bolt pat-
tern drilled on a 1-11/16" circle  to fit a P5256 sprocket pattern.


  • For 1" ID Sprockets, Any Chain Size
  • P5256 Bolt Hole Pattern
  • Plated Steel
Steel Mounting Hub, 5/8" Bore 2037
Steel Mounting Hub, 3/4" Bore 2038

Aluminum Sprockets Suitable for Steel B-Type Sprocket Hubs:

3-Bolt Mini Sprockets For #35 Chain

Custom Aluminum Sprockets

HUB, STEEL, 2.25" OD, 3/4" BORE, 1/2" THICK, 3/16" KEYWAY, 3 HOLE ON 1-11/16" BOLT CIRCLE, (P5256 PATTERN)part no. 2038